Browlift Surgery

1. Overview

As we become older our brows can descend leading to a tired, angry or aged appearance. Elevation of the brow is often carried out as part of facial rejuvenation procedures.

2. What Does The Surgery Involve?

Browlift surgery can be performed via the traditional open approach where cuts are made within the hairline of the scalp or sometimes through the endoscopic (keyhole technique) where a series of short cuts in the scalp reduce the amount of scarring or bruising. Once lifted the brow is maintained in its position by plastic hooks in the wound which dissolve completely over a period of time.

3. How Long Am I In Hospital?

Browlift surgery can generally be done as a day case procedure though if carried out in conjunction with other procedures an overnight stay may be necessary.

4. What Is The Down-Time?

The brow will feel a little stiff and sore for a week or two. Browlift surgery may result in some bruising or swelling around the eyes which generally resolves within one to two weeks. The stitches used in the scalp are dissolving and will fall out by themselves.

5. What About Complications?

In general complications are unusual and temporary. Mr Jones will discuss in detail with you the complications related to this technique but complications that can occur include:

  • Bleeding with a collection of blood under the skin
  • Weakness of movement of the brow and forehead; this is not common and usually temporary
  • Infection. This is very rare following browlift surgery


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