Chin and Cheekbone Implants

1. Overview

Mr Jones frequently uses small silicone implants to enhance the appearance of the chin and cheekbone. This procedure may be performed on its own.

2. What Does The Surgery Involve?

Cheekbone implants are placed through small incisions within the mouth while a chin implant is placed through a small cut under the chin.

3. How Long Am I In Hospital?

Chin and cheekbone implants can normally be placed on a day case surgery basis but may require an overnight stay when performed as part of a range of facial rejuvenation surgeries.

4. What Is The Down-Time?

There is little down-time associated with chin and cheekbone implants. Cheekbone implants in particular produce some local bruising and swelling particularly around the eyes. The stitches inside the mouth and under the chin are dissolving and will fall out by themselves.

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5. What Are The Risks And Complications?

  • Infection is possible following implant placement but can rarely occur.
  • Numbness of the chin, lips and cheeks can occur following placement of implants due to temporary stretching of the nerves. This is almost always temporary and will recover in time. Mr Jones will discuss any other risks and complications that may apply to you at your consultation.